Ensuring you don’t miss anything

Many doctors struggle with

● Knowing they earn well but not having much to show for it

● Too busy living to take care of financial health

● Need help with planning for future expenses

● Unsure of where to get the right information

● Worried about retirement or how the GEPF works

● Wanting to invest but don't know where to go

How we work

Dr Bob

Follow doctor Bob through his life, the challenges he faced and how he overcame them.
  • Not knowing where his money was going
  • Too busy working, no time to plan
  • Nothing to show for the money he was making

Dr Fokane

See how we helped Dr Fokane live the life she wants now, without hindering her future.
  • Understanding what she wants to do
  • Live well now and in the future
  • Peace of mind

Going from chronically ill to healthy living

Lifestyle changes

Small changes made to improve your general financial health - manage money daily, save more, and direct money to long term goals such as paying off debt and buying property.

Treat-to-target endpoints

Knowing where you want to go, being clear on your target so that a plan can be made to get there. Plans are tailored to individuals so that you get where you need to be when you need to be there.

Secondary Prevention

Investing wisely to ensure consistent growth and income. Taking action now in order to prevent long-term financial instability.

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