Ben Charlton

March 1, 2021
How to pay off debt: 3 different methods
Being in financial debt is a common experience for most South Africans. Let’s face it, bills need to be paid, […]
February 26, 2021
Do I need a tax-free investment account?
A tax-free investment account is arguably one of the best ways to invest your money for the future. Who wouldn’t […]
February 22, 2021
Bite-sized chunks
No matter how hard we try, we never seem to get it all right… all the time! We were taught […]
February 17, 2021
10 great questions to ask your financial planner
I’ve seen first-hand how a healthy relationship between your money and your priorities can make a huge difference in your […]
February 15, 2021
Stop telling yourself these things
Everyone knows that building wealth can help to ensure financial security in the future. Yet, it is a small number […]
February 15, 2021
Key thoughts for passive investors
Passive investing has become the most popular investing strategy, globally. Simply put, it’s the strategy of buying the whole market […]
February 10, 2021
Money and Relationships: How to Make it Work
As much as we hate to admit it, money is an important aspect of most relationships. Sometimes it can be […]
February 8, 2021
Four Fresh Investment Ideas
We all want more from life. We want to live a good and meaningful life. This is how we generate […]
February 8, 2021
Is active or passive fund management better?
The first thing to remember when approaching investing is that the best approach is dependent almost wholly on the investor […]
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