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Only 6% of South African’s Retire financially free. Sadly many South African’s, only at retirement realise that not enough attention was given to sufficient retirement savings. When planning for retirement you have to consider, at what age you would like to retire and what income you will require. Other factors to consider includes inflation, income tax and changes to legislation.

Planning towards retirement is essential and is core to wealth creation. For a healthy retirement plan it is important to take into consideration all the factors and aspects into the plan that will affect your wealth at retirement. For a personalized retirement plan, contact us today so you can relax tomorrow.  


When you have reached retirement your retirement savings that have accumulated will be invested to provide continuous income from which you and your dependants will live from to last you the rest of your life.

A Post Retirement plan will require a detailed, professional analysis of your circumstances to determine how best to invest your funds and to ensure tax effectiveness. It also takes into account inflation and security of capital and income sustainability.

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