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Investing is not glamorous, flashy or sexy. However, carefully tending to your portfolio adds substantial value over time. We will take care of the dreary, tedious details so you can enjoy the things that are important to you and rest assured that your investments are being professionally managed.

A professionally run investment process does not mean hyperactive trading or even generating occasional trades just to demonstrate that we are doing something for you. Frequent trades and speculation are not in your best interest.


During the initial getting to know you period, we will carefully asses your risk tolerance, goals, and time horizon to design a tailored strategic asset allocation plan that meet your needs. It’s important that you know you have sufficient liquidity to weather any financial storm and meet your distribution requirements on time while providing sufficient growth potential to meet your family’s longer term objectives. It’s a balancing act. You should not take any more risk than you are comfortable with financially and emotionally. We firmly believe that sleeping well is a legitimate financial objective. But, you must take enough risk to earn the returns you need to get you to your goals.

Once you are comfortable with the suggested asset allocation plan that meet your unique needs, we take over to execute, monitor and maintain the plan on your behalf.

Tax Minimization Strategies

Taxes are by far the biggest expense investors face. Each Rand captured by SARS, is a dead drag on performance and accumulations. Once it flies off to the SARS, it’s not coming back. So, a tax minimization strategy will yield big dividends for taxable accounts. There are several different tactics to limit your exposure to taxes.


We don’t hold any of your assets. Your every cent is held by a leading investment company in your name. You can always cross check with your custodian’s web site or printed statements.

Regular Reviews

We will hold regular reviews with you to report on portfolio performance and your progress towards meeting your goals. You set the frequency, time and method of meeting to meet your lifestyle and convenience. Whether it’s at our office, your office, by telephone or Skype, We are here to serve you.


You can rely on us to manage and maintain your portfolios with a professional and disciplined approach that handles the details for you in the back ground so you can have a life and enjoy the things that are important to you.

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